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The London Consulting Rooms
2nd Floor
116 Harley Street


Rheumatoid Arthritis Consultant

Rheumatologist Sloane Street, London

Dr Stephanie Barrett is a Consultant Rheumatologist who offers consultations, treatment and support for rheumatological conditions.

Dr Stephanie Barrett is based at The Chelsea Consulting Rooms located at 2 Lower Sloane Street, London, SW1W 8BJ.  As a rheumatologist, Dr Stephanie Barrett ensures the best possible facilities for rheumatology patients. With expertise and leading facilities, the rheumatology clinic in London is fully equipped to cater for you and your needs.

How to get a referral to a London rheumatologist?

If you are looking for a rheumatologist in London then talk to your GP about this and they will be able to provide a referral letter.

Often a professional rheumatologist like Dr Stephanie Barrett will be able to confirm a suspected diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and begin to plan the right care plan for the future.

Why should you visit a professional rheumatologist?

If you are in the early days of your diagnosis or waiting for it to be formally recognised, a professional rheumatologist is the expert healthcare consultant you need to help you through the next stage of the diagnosis process and move onto treatment.

The rheumatologist London patients opt for will arrange for all necessary tests needed to discover more about each individual’s condition and this may include both X-rays and blood tests. Experienced rheumatologists have the knowledge to analyse even complex results and have the contacts within the medical profession to seek further specialist opinions.

Your rheumatologist will also make recommendations in terms of a full treatment programme. It will incorporate drug treatments which they can monitor in full to ensure they are appropriate and they may also refer you for further specialist treatment such as physiotherapy, podiatry or occupational therapy. If you have a rheumatic disease which has other symptoms which affect other parts of your body as well as your joints, your rheumatologist will also refer you to further specialists.

Your Rheumatologist London

Living in and around London gives you access to a wide range of medical services and so after discussion with your GP and receiving your referral, there should be no difficulty in finding a professional rheumatologist to support you as you manage your condition.

For many people with rheumatic diseases their rheumatologist is someone seen on a very regular basis while others may only have occasional check-ups to ensure the treatment programme they are on is still working effectively. New treatment options may be discussed at your regular appointments too, giving you the chance to consider new ways of managing your rheumatic condition.

Dr Stephanie Barrett runs outpatient clinics at a number of key London Clinics.  To contact Dr Stephanie Barrett please get in touch here.

Contact Dr Stephanie Barrett

To discuss any Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments you would like help with please contact Dr Stephanie Barrett on:

Tel: 020 7730 8508

Email: enquiries@drstephaniebarrett.com