Innovative Treatment Approaches for Rheumatoid Arthritis



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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease that primarily affects the joints, causing inflammation, pain and stiffness. It can also lead to systemic complications, impacting overall health and well-being. At our clinic, under the expert guidance of Dr. Stephanie Barrett, we offer a range of innovative treatment approaches to address the diverse needs of patients living with RA.

An overview of our approaches

Osteoporosis treatments are a vital aspect of managing <a href=””>rheumatoid arthritis,</a> as bone density can be affected by the disease and certain medications used for its treatment. To combat this, we can provide injections of Prolia/denosumab every six months.

We also specialise in addressing specific joint-related conditions commonly associated with RA. Trochanteric bursitis, plantar fasciitis, swollen inflamed joints, painful shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows, and carpal tunnel syndrome are just a few examples.

For patients with osteoarthritis of the knees who prefer to avoid or are not suitable candidates for surgery, we offer an injection treatment option. Using Durolane, a hyaluronic acid-based product, we can alleviate pain and improve joint function.

Innovations in our clinic

In addition to these traditional approaches, we are proud to offer innovative therapies such as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and peripheral magnetic stimulation (MST). rTMS is a brain stimulation technique that has shown promising results in treating fibromyalgia syndrome, musculoskeletal pain, and widespread chronic pain. MST, on the other hand, is a painless and non-invasive treatment option that utilises magnetic shockwave therapy. Research suggests that MST can help alleviate various conditions, ranging from common complaints like low back pain and neck/shoulder aches to neurological issues and post-stroke rehabilitation.

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At our clinic, Dr. Stephanie Barrett and her team are dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatment options for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. By offering a comprehensive range of approaches, we strive to improve the quality of life for individuals living with this challenging condition. If you or a loved one is seeking effective and innovative treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our clinic and take the first step towards a pain-free future.