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Toe joint issues can be very discomforting, particularly because of the body weight exerted on your toes. That is why getting toe pain treatment as soon as possible is critical if you start experiencing these issues. Toe pain can arise from several issues like infection, ingrown toenails, bone fractures, etc. Learn more about the common causes of toe joint pain here below.


Arthritis causes health complications with joints throughout the body, including your toes. Your toes’ daily weight-bearing actions make them especially vulnerable to developing arthritis. One specific issue arthritis can cause your toes is hallux rigidus, which results in cartilage degeneration in your big toes. Prompt toe pain treatment is essential here to help stop the further spread of the condition and minimise the pain.


If your big toe suddenly swells up and you feel intense pain with heat and redness, you might suffer from gout foot. This condition typically affects your big toe and is caused by high uric acid levels that cause crystal formation in your joints. Gout foot can flare up repeatedly, so effective toe pain treatment is vital to cure the issue and prevent the pain from returning.

Foot bunions

With this condition, your big toe slowly deviates inwards, thus pushing the toe’s base outwards. It causes a hard lump to form on the outer side while the big toe starts crossing or impeding neighbouring toes. Foot bunions often cause difficulties for people who like to wear high heels and pointed and tight shoes. Fortunately, you can still get effective toe pain treatment for your foot bunions by visiting a doctor.

Excessive stress on toes

People who spend excessive time on their feet, whether playing sports or at work, are also at risk of developing toe joint pain. That is because such activities typically put excessive pressure and strain on their toes and feet. Without sufficient rest and foot stretches, it could lead to toe injury and pain.

Get professional toe pain treatment today

Toe pain issues significantly affect your mobility, making walking or doing daily tasks strenuous. Get effective toe pain treatment today by booking an appointment with Dr Stephanie Barrett, a consultant physician and rheumatologist in London. We treat the real source of your toe pain and are fully committed to helping you improve your quality of life by eliminating or reducing toe pain.