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Rheumatologists are a group of medical practitioners who specialise in treating various conditions related to the joints, bones, and muscles. There are many ways to find a Rheumatologist in London, and here we will discuss the best way to do it.

What to look for

When you suffer from a rheumatic or autoimmune disease, you need the specialised attention of a rheumatologist. Therefore, you need to be keen on your search for a rheumatologist London if you live in the area, and here is what to focus on:

Ask for referrals

A qualified and experienced private rheumatologist in London with excellent patient care will quickly build a great reputation. Therefore, your primary care doctor, friends, family, and fellow patients will point out several such specialists for your consideration. You only need to ask.

Check their credentials

Next, check the qualification levels and board certification of the private rheumatologists. Be especially keen on their board certification as this confirms possession of the necessary training and skills to deliver healthcare in rheumatology. Additionally, check whether each prospect has a history of malpractice and whether they received disciplinary action.

Check the level of experience

Each rheumatic and autoimmune disease has unique characteristics. Therefore, a private rheumatologist’s experience is critical in understanding and providing the right solution. Find out if the rheumatologist has experience handling your type of case and the outcome.

Observe their communication style and skills

You’ll have met some private rheumatologists at least once, in person or online. During those interactions, observe how comfortable you are talking and sharing details of your condition. Note the responses and how keenly the rheumatologist asks about your condition. The best ones take time to listen to their patients and courteously provide satisfactory responses to their inquiries.


Finding a competent and caring private rheumatologist is essential for managing your condition. With my extensive experience, board certification and private practice in London, you can rest assured that I fit the bill. Get in touch today to learn more about my services.