What are the early warning signs of Arthritis?



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Arthritis is an umbrella term for conditions that affect joints and their surrounding tissues. A joint is an area where bones connect, such as the knees, hips and shoulders. It can cause pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints. Some individuals with arthritis also experience problems with their muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The early signs of arthritis

The early signs of arthritis can be subtle and easily missed. However, five key signs can indicate the presence of the condition:

• Pain:

This is often the first sign that something is wrong. Joint pain is a common symptom ranging from mild to severe. The pain may be constant, or it may come and go.

• Stiffness:

Joint stiffness is another common symptom of arthritis. This stiffness is often worse in the morning, after a period of inactivity. The affected joint may feel difficult to move or may be painful to move.

• Inflammation:

Inflammation is a key symptom of arthritis. The affected joints may be red, warm and swollen. This inflammation can cause the joints to feel stiff and painful.

• Loss of range of motion:

It can cause the joints to lose their normal range of motion. This can make it difficult to move the affected joints.

• Muscle weakness:

Arthritis can cause the muscles around the affected joints to weaken. This can make it difficult to support the joints and lead to further damage.


If you experience any of the above symptoms, it is advisable to see a doctor for a diagnosis. For example, you can attend an arthritis clinic London based to discuss treatment options. The sooner you are diagnosed with arthritis, the easier the condition will be to manage.