How your diet can influence arthritis



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Although there are no miracle diets that will cure your arthritis, it is believed that there is a relationship between arthritis and diet. The condition can be helped by what you eat, what you weigh and how often you exercise. Whilst arthritis is a lifelong condition it does not have to prevent you from carrying out your day-to-day life. Certain foods can help to strengthen your bones and immune system which may help ease the pain of your condition and lead to a more comfortable lifestyle. This post will help you to explore how changing your diet could relieve pain, prevent aggravation of your condition and lead to a happier life.

Foods to avoid

Changing your diet by watching what types of food you eat is the first way to help relieve your arthritis symptoms. There are many foods that are thought to aggravate your condition including processed and red meats, foods high in salt and certain vegetable oils.

This is because foods high in dietary fats lead to inflammation, a major factor of rheumatoid arthritis. Removing these foods from your diet will help to reduce this major symptom and prevent aggravation of your condition.

Not only will eating a healthy diet help to take control of your arthritis but it will also contribute to preventing any other health problems in the future.

Foods to add to your diet

Although no diet can fully cure your arthritis, adding certain foods into your daily life can strengthen bones and fight inflammation. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fish but low in saturated fats is recommended for all for overall health but can especially help those with a condition like arthritis.

Eating foods that are known for being part of the Mediterranean diet is especially good for joint health as they are anti-inflammatory and may reduce joint swelling and pain. Eating a healthy diet will help you achieve a more comfortable lifestyle and also allow you to take control of living with your condition in the future.

Weight control

Controlling your diet whilst tackling a condition can also be beneficial for helping to reduce your weight.

When it comes to arthritis, being overweight can worsen your symptoms and create additional discomfort by increasing the pressure on your joints.

The best way to start managing your weight is by starting a balanced, healthy diet which is recommended for all those suffering from arthritis as well as regularly exercising to the best of your ability.