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One of the most common conditions that affects millions of people in the UK is arthritis. While many people assume it occurs mainly in the elderly, it is actually found across all age groups. Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation and pain around your bodies joints. This can soon make daily life difficult and impact on your quality of life.

But what are the most widely seen conditions related to arthritis and how can seeing a specialist help with arthritic pain?

Common conditions related to arthritis

Although there are hundreds of musculoskeletal conditions that are types of arthritis or related to arthritis, some are more common than others. Inflammatory arthritis is a case in point, and sees inflammation occur in your body for no logical reason. This inflammation can then make your joints very stiff, swollen and painful. Mechanical arthritis, on the other hand, sees damage to cartilage in the body as being the source of pain.

It’s not just specific types of arthritis that could be a sign of issues with your joints, tendons or cartilage though. Back pain, for example, can sometimes be a symptom of osteoarthritis, whilst problems with connective tissue or pain in your body’s soft tissue could also need further investigation.

How can a specialist help with pain caused by arthritis?

There are a few effective ways a specialist can help with arthritis pain. To begin with, they conduct a thorough examination of the affected area and deliver an accurate diagnosis of your condition. This is key to being able to manage your pain levels properly.

In addition, seeing a specialist means you access a range of effective treatments to ease your arthritic pain. For inflamed or swollen joints, for example, this could be corticosteroid injections under the skin every 6 months to help you feel better. Specialists are also able to administer injections to the muscle to give instant and longlasting relief. If you suffer with osteoarthritis of the knees, specialists can prescribe Durolane injections to help deal with the issue.

Arthritic pain management London

If you find arthritic pain is making daily life a struggle, seeing a specialist can help ease your pain. To book an appointment with Dr Stephanie Barrett or ask your questions relating to arthritic pain, contact us at or via phone at 020 7730 8508.