What are the main symptoms of arthritis?



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Arthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints and connective tissue in the body. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which affects (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/arthritis/) more than 9 million people</a> in the UK alone. Because arthritis is so common, it’s essential to understand its symptoms to seek out treatment if you need it. Here are some of the main symptoms of arthritis:

Joint pain

This symptom is the most common sign of arthritis. It can happen in any joint in your body. However, it typically occurs in the knees, hips, fingers, elbows, and shoulders. The pain can be constant, or it can come and go as it pleases. Some days you may have pain, while other days, you may have no pain at all.

Joint stiffness

When you have stiffness, it feels like your body does not want to move very much. It may feel hard to get up from a chair or bend over to pick something up from the floor. Some people also find it hard to move their fingers or toes when they have arthritis.


Redness around your joint could be caused by inflammation from arthritis, which can be accompanied by other symptoms like warmth and swelling. If you notice redness around a joint that has no injury, it’s good to make an appointment with your doctor to get evaluated for arthritis.

Loss of range of motion in affected joint

People with arthritis may also notice their range of motion has decreased. This means that they cannot move their joints as far as they used to be able to. This can lead to problems like difficulty walking, getting dressed, or doing simple tasks like opening a jar or turning a doorknob.

Inflammatory arthritis

Inflammatory arthritis eg (Rheumatoid Arthritis) is mediated by the immune system and needs specialist management (new exciting treatments are available) from a rheumatology consultant.

Weakness and fatigue

While many people get tired from time to time, those with arthritis often experience fatigue unrelated to how much physical activity they engage in that day. This can make it hard for them to do simple tasks like walking up a flight of stairs or cooking dinner for their family at night.

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