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If you are having pain in your joints and muscles and you want relief quickly, then you can do something about it. Finding a private rheumatologist in London is relatively easy. There are plenty of options to choose from; you just need to find a doctor that you can work with and who you trust.

What Can A Rheumatologist Help With?

Rheumatologists specialise in conditions related to joints and muscles. They can help provide relief from the many different types of arthritis, osteoporosis and musculoskeletal injuries. A common misconception is that rheumatologists only work with older patients. In fact, they often work with people suffering from sports injuries or illness triggered joint pain.

If you are living with joint pain, you should speak to a rheumatologist. Around 23% of adults have arthritis. They may be able to cure your condition, or at least help you to manage your symptoms. Aching joints don’t have to be part of getting older; in fact, they shouldn’t be.

How To Choose a Private Rheumatologist in London

When it comes to medical care, you have a lot of choice in London. It can be a little overwhelming. For a long time, the best doctors have practised medicine on Harley Street in London. So, a good place to start your search is on Harley Street. You can be sure that any doctor who has offices on Harley Street is very good at what they do. From this narrowed down list you can then find the right doctor for you.

Dr Stephanie Barrett

Dr Stephanie Barrett is an experienced and talented doctor. She works as a private rheumatologist in London. Dr Barrett takes appointments at both Harley Street and Kings Road. She can provide you with help and treatment for your rheumatological condition. Make an appointment today to find out how she can help you.