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Steroid injections are anti-inflammatory medicine. People also refer to them as corticosteroid injections. Only a trained professional should administer the injections. The injections are used to treat a range of conditions, including joint pain, arthritis and sciatica.

It is possible to inject steroids into joints, muscles, spine or into the bloodstream. The location of the injection will depend on the reason for which you need the injection. The effects of the injection will be felt in anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days. These effects will then last for up to three months.

How do steroid injections work?

The steroids you are injected with is a synthetic version of hormones that your body produces naturally. They work with your body’s immune system to reduce swelling and inflammation. They will mute the response of your immune system. This is why they are often used to provide relief from autoimmune conditions.

Are there any side effects?

If you have an injection into your joint, muscle or spine, then you can experience some pain and bruising which you should be able to relieve with paracetamol. In some cases, the skin near the injection site may become a paler colour, or a dimple may form. If you have diabetes, the injection may affect your blood sugar levels for a few days. Alternatively, if you have high blood pressure you may have slightly higher blood pressure for a few days.

If you have the injection into your bloodstream then you may experience changes in mood, increased appetite and difficulty sleeping.

What next?

If you think that steroid injections could help you, then why not make an appointment with Dr Stephanie Barrett? Dr Barrett is an experienced rheumatologist. She can support you in finding a treatment plan that works best for your condition. Dr Barrett clinic is based in Chelsea, and she sees both NHS and private patients.