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Whether you’re travelling by car, plane, bus or train, arthritis and other joint and soft tissue conditions can make the trip painful. Luckily for you, expert Dr Stephanie Barrett has some pain-free travel tips to help you go the distance.

  1. Be mindful of where you go

If you know your arthritis is triggered by particularly hot or cold weather – pick a place to travel to that doesn’t upset your condition. There are plenty of websites that will show you what the weather conditions will be like. Therefore, you can plan the perfect holiday and not be concerned about specific triggers.

In addition to this, be mindful how easy it’ll be to move around. Some hotels require you to walk up lots of stairs, which can be uncomfortable. Additionally, ask for additional legroom on modes of transport to make yourself more comfortable.

  1. Keep your medication on you

If you’re taking medication for your condition, keep it on you at all times. This reduces the likelihood that you could become separated from your medication. If your bag is lost or stolen, then you’ve still got it. Therefore, take it as carry-on with you and ask your doctor if you may need a high dose to improve the comfort of travel.

  1. Travel insurance!

Having travel insurance is really important if you’re travelling outside of England. If you require medical care, assistance or medication abroad, it can be really expensive. Make sure you’re aware of the difference between private and public hospitals abroad and ensure you’re covered for any potential issues.

  1. Pre-travel stretches and don’t sit still

It’s important to stretch before travelling. It can help improve blood flow and reduce stiffness. During the journey, take some time to move around. If you can get up off your seat and walk around – even better!

There are lots of different stretches you can do while sitting down. Try lifting your legs up and down, or stretching them out and bringing them back to you. Keep shuffling your legs and don’t keep them crossed for too long.

  1. Ask an expert: Pain-free travel tips

The best way to feel prepared for travel is to ask your expert. For example, in London, Dr Stephanie Barrett is a consultant physician and rheumatologist. She has over 17 years of experience as a consultant. Dr Barrett can help you plan for your trip and answer any questions you have. She can also give you advice on stretches and movements you can do.

Are you looking for pain-free travel tips

For more information on travelling with a rheumatological condition such as osteoporosis or arthritis, contact Dr Stephanie Barrett. Call on 0207 730 8508 or email at Get peace of mind today.