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While most people think of arthritis when hearing the term Rheumatology, this is just one of the conditions Rheumatologists treat. In fact, they work with people with any condition linked to joint or soft tissue damage and musculoskeletal problems.

People often first know they need help from a Rheumatologist when they begin to feel pain in and around their joints. What they need to do next is find out why they are experiencing this pain. It could be, for example, they have a form of arthritis. They could also be suffering from conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia or Polymyalgia rheumatica.

All of these conditions can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, which is why they should seek advice if they have pain in their joints for more than a few days.

What Does a Rheumatologist Do?

Those considering Rheumatology private treatment in London should look for a Doctor specialising in Rheumatology. Dr Stephanie Barratt is one such Doctor offering Rheumatology private treatment in London.  Dr Barratt works with patients to understand the cause of their pain, developing a treatment plan based on their diagnosis. The plan can include physical therapy, dietary changes, and medication.

Rheumatology Private Treatment in London

To support treatment, Dr Barratt uses outside specialists such as physiotherapists to provide support with physical therapy. She helps patients develop diet plans that include foods shown to help those with arthritis. Cherries, for example, have been shown to reduce the effects of gout. Fish, meanwhile, works as an anti-inflammatory for people with arthritis, as does vitamin C.

People looking for Rheumatology Private Treatment in London due to arthritis or other inflammatory conditions should, therefore, make an appointment with a Rheumatologist today. Contact Dr Barrett’s office on 020 7730 8508 or enquiries@drstephaniebarrett.com.