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If you suffer with Arthritis then you might feel as though travelling is beyond what you are capable of. Often, the pain and your lack of movement can hold you back. However, you should not let arthritis stop you in your tracks because it is possible to travel and experience new places just by planning ahead. If you plan ahead and do all you can to manage pain, then you can travel quite easily. So, how can you travel with arthritis and still remain comfortable and mobile?

When booking, be smart

If you are travelling by air then think about the times you travel. Mid-week flights are often the easiest because airports are quieter and this will mean less time spent queuing. You can also book a seat that offers extra leg room, so you can stretch your legs if you need to.

Carry Arthritis Aids with you

If you find that travelling causes more pain and prevents you from moving around, you could travel with aids such as a folding cane or a walker. These are perfect for those who have arthritis in their knees or feet and need a solution to help them walk around while taking the weight off their problem joints.

Have your Medication to Hand

Having the right medication to hand will ensure that you can use it when you need it. In fact, when travelling, make sure you have it with you because without it, you will find that you are unable to manage your pain easily. Therefore, if you are going on a flight, make sure you carry your medication with you and not in the hold in case it gets lost.

Heat Packs and Ice Packs

Both heat packs and ice packs are perfect for relieving pain and stiffness. When you feel that you need some relief you can use these for the required time to help ease pain.

Make the Most of Assistance

If you are travelling by air then airports and airlines have assistance available. They can offer wheel chairs or motorised escorts throughout the airport right up to the point you board the plan. This will help you to avoid standing around for long periods and avoid walking with slow hoards of people.

Choose the Right Meals

You might be travelling by train, car or plane. Whatever it might be, you need to think about the foods that you eat. Often, places like airports and train stations are filled with high-fat foods that can cause inflammation. Therefore, pack healthy snacks and limit your alcohol and caffeine intake.

Try to Move Around

If you sit still for long-periods, it will cause you to feel stiff. Should you be travelling by car you can factor in rest stops that allow you to have a short break where you stretch your legs. If you are travelling by train or plane, then you can walk up and down the cabin in order to stretch your legs. You can also do stretches in your seat that can help to ease any pain or discomfort.