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Everyone is different and some treatments work better than others. Therefore, having an idea of what treatments are available can help you get back on your feet again. Discussing your problem with a specialist is a step in the right direction.

Manual Therapies

Often, back pain can be treated using manual therapies. These kinds of treatments require a hands-on approach. The specialist will be able to manipulate and mobilise the spinal joints. Through adopting the correct techniques, the joints can become more mobile while it will help to reduce pain. The treatment will be given on a regular basis until the patient experiences no further pain.

Back pain can sometimes be caused by daily activities. This could include the likes of getting dressed, washing, driving or even sitting at a desk. An occupational therapist can suggest alternative ways of doing things. This can help to reduce stress and strain on the joints through the use of aids and other equipment. However, it is vital that you do not become reliant on the aids. The aim is to help you get back to leading a normal life.

Medicinal Treatments

Those who suffer from back pain are often told to try standard painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. These can be purchased over the counter but sometimes they are not effective. Therefore, stronger prescription drugs will be given, although care should be taken to minimise the side effects. This will involve being given a small dose over a short time or you might be given a drug to help protect the stomach.

As with taking medicines such as painkillers, again it is vital that you do not rely on them. Often, they mask the pain and this can lead to people causing further damage to their back.

If the back problems are both joint and muscle related, then you might be prescribed a drug such as Amitriptyline. This relaxes the muscle and helps you to sleep. There are side effects associated with this drug, so it needs to be managed accordingly.

Another drug that can be prescribed is Gabapentin or Pregabalin. These are not prescribed as the first line of treatment as they are for people with more intricate back issues. Individuals who suffer from problems such as sciatica will be prescribed this as it can help with reducing irritation of the nerves.

Steroid Injections

If other treatments are not working effectively, a steroid injection might be given. These help to reduce the pain but again, it is not a long-term solution to back pain.


In the majority of cases, people who suffer from back pain will not require surgery. However, there are a small number of cases where surgery is required. This could be an option taken to treat a trapped nerve but doctors will attempt to try all other treatments first.

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