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If you suffer from arthritis, it is important to understand what foods to avoid. There are foods that can make symptoms worse and so, you should seek a nutritious diet. The idea is to reduce inflammation by avoiding inflammatory foods but you also want a diet that reduces your chances of being overweight. While there is no proven diet, what you eat and don’t can make a difference. So what foods should you avoid?

Red Meat

There is often a high level of saturated fat in many types of red meat and that can intensify inflammation. To add to this, red meat contains omega-6 fatty acids. Should you have too much of this in your diet, it could contribute to inflammation. It is all about finding the right balance when it comes to red meat. In some cases, when red meat has been removed from a diet, symptoms improve. However, lean cuts of meat can provide much-needed protein without contributing to inflammation.

Sugar and Refined Flour

After eating simple carbohydrates, blood sugar levels can increase. This would include foods such as snacks filled with sugar, pasta and white rice. When the blood sugar spikes, the body produces chemicals that increase inflammation. This can then cause problems with the joints.


Gluten could contribute to inflammation and so, it should be avoided where possible. It can be found in foods such as wheat, rye and barley. Specialists believe that the effects of consuming gluten could be significantly worse in those who suffer from arthritis.

Processed Foods

Many foods that you can purchase are now classed as processed foods. This would include foods such as packed ham, microwave meals and many snacks. These are known as convenient foods but there are filled with ingredients that can result in inflammation. They are found to contain sugar, refined flour and high levels of saturated fats – all of which can lead to inflammation.

Fried Foods

It is possible to reduce levels of inflammation by cutting fried foods from your diet. To be exact, fried foods contain toxins known as advanced glycation end products. These increase oxidation in the body’s cells and that can lead to inflammation. Obviously, cutting back on fried foods will help to maintain a healthy weight.


It is well-documented just how bad alcohol is for us. However, a high intake of alcohol can result in an increase of C-reactive protein (CRP). CRP can lead to an increase in inflammation as it sends signals to the body. So, an increase in alcohol can actually result in inflammation and that can become problematic for people who suffer from arthritis.

While there is no specific diet to prevent or even reverse the symptoms of arthritis, it is important to remember that everything in moderation is fine. Some people might have to change their diets regularly to see what works for them. So an element of trial and error might be required.

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