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Gardening can be a great form of exercise when you have arthritis, as well as an enjoyable past time. Gardening with arthritis is more than possible but you need to be mindful and keep inflammation and swelling at bay as you enjoy your garden. Repeating actions over and over can lead to increased inflammation, so it is important to pay close attention to your joints as you garden and be prepared to stop and start. Below are some tips to enjoy gardening with arthritis.

Spread Loads Evenly

Do not put excessive weight on any single joint. Avoid heavy loads altogether but when lifting be sure to life with your hands and arms to spread the weight, rather than just your fingers. Be sure to tuck elbows in close to reduce unnecessary strain on shoulders.

Consider a Stool

There are dedicated garden stools available which can help reduce the load on your weight-bearing joints. You can also benefit from being closer to the ground so have easier access to your plants and seedlings.

Consider Support Tools

There are a wide range of assistive and support tools which can help gardening with arthritis more enjoyable and straightforward. From long-handled tools which avoid the need to bend down to those designed to make gripping easier, the tools are designed to improve your experience.

Don’t Forget to Plan

One of the key ways of enjoying all activities with arthritis is to plan ahead and make sure you have the energy and rest time set aside to enjoy your activities. If walking is painful, make sure everything is setup in advance, so you don’t have to walk up and down the garden too many time. If you know there are heavier jobs to do, make sure you have someone to help. The more you plan, the more you can enjoy your time in the garden.

Enjoying your favourite hobbies doesn’t need to be something you give up when you have arthritis. Gardening with arthritis and many other activities are more than possible.

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