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A rheumatologist or consultant rheumatologist is a specialist doctor. They are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and related conditions. Patients are often referred to a rheumatologist by their GP. If you need further testing to confirm a diagnosis or specialist treatment, your doctor will refer you to a rheumatologist.

How Will My Rheumatologist Help?

A rheumatologist can help in many different ways dependent where a patient is in their diagnosis process or in managing their condition.

Many people first meet their specialit without a diagnosis. The doctor can then guide the patient through the diagnosis procedures and support them with their condition after diagnosis. They will arrange all necessary tests and where results are complex, can liaise with other specialists to organise the right treatment.

Dependent on your condition, your rheumatologist can help to recommend and manage your treatment programme. This will usually incorporate drug treatments as well as therapies involving other medical professionals. You may find you are referred to a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or podiatrist most commonly.

Some rheumatic conditions and diseases have implications on other parts of your health. This again is a time where your new specialist will make can access further specialists to help in any other area. You will still regularly see them as they manage and monitor the elements of your condition they can help with.

Finding a Rheumatologist

As mentioned most patients go to the rheumatologist through a referral from their GP. However, it is possible to find a rheumatologist through your own means and ask your GP for a referral to a chosen specialist. You may want to research rheumatologists who specialise in your condition for example.

Appointments and Consultations with Dr Barrett

Dr Stephanie Barrett is a very experienced consultant rheumatologist. Dr Barrett can also refer you for further treatment and other specialises.

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