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Lateral hip pain, or pain occurring at the side of the hip, is a common complaint in many people. It is common in runners, but it can also be common in people with osteoarthritis.
A wide range of different conditions can result in hip pain. Similarly, hip pain can also result in pain spreading to other areas of the body. The lumbar spine is also capable of causing lateral hip pain. This means when you experience lateral hip pain, it can be a further symptom of lower back pain.

Hip Arthritis and Lateral Hip Pain

Working with a professional rheumatologist it is important to find out exactly where the pain comes from. Anterior hip pain (pain occurring at the front) is the most common time and is often a secondary factor in osteoarthritis. The lateral hip pain is a further symptom of damage and inflammation around the hip joint. Anterior hip pain can also be a symptom of muscle strain or tendonitis to the hip flexor muscles.

Treatment for Lateral Hip Pain

If you have an arthritic or rheumatic condition then treatment for your lateral hip pain will probably come under your main treatment plan. It is unlikely it will be treated separately. However, if the pain is new and unexpected you may look at changing your drug therapies or looking into new pain relief options.

Steroid injections are sometimes an option for lateral hip pain, but this again, will depend on the condition as a whole. It will also depend on whether there are already steroid treatments as part of a care plan. Many people with this particular pain need physiotherapy. A physiotherapist may advise specific stretches. They may also suggest deep tissue massage and look into alterations that can be made to limit the pain, or stop it from returning.

Lateral hip pain is a painful and unfortunately common feature of many conditions. However, there are treatments available and the pain can be reduced.