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A common symptom of arthritis is early morning pain and stiffness in the affected joints. You may wake up morning after morning and struggle with the pain. It is not necessarily indicative of arthritis but it is a concern you should raise with medical professionals. Joint pain in the morning can be handled and relieved.

Osteoarthritis is known for causing sore, stiff and painful joints after sleep or even after too much time in a sedentary position. On moving the joints may begin to loosen up and become less painful but the additional stiffness and pain can be chronic for some people. As joints become more arthritic as the condition degenerates, it can be harder to stay mobile and active.

Handling with Joint Pain in the Morning

Here are some helpful tips to help your body deal with those early morning joint pains:

1.      Sleep Properly

A restful night’s sleep may seem like an odd suggestion as the deeper the sleep, the stiller you are, but it helps your body relax and gives the joints and muscles a chance to relax too. Sleep on your site or back to reduce the stress on your spine.

2.      Exercise in Bed

Again, it may sound like a strange thing to do but some gentle exercises while still in bed can help your body warm up and loosen your joints. Easy stretches such as bending backwards and forwards can help wake up your muscles and support your joints.

3.      Jump in the Shower

Heat therapy is of real benefit for many people with joint pain and a range of arthritic conditions. If you can make it a ritual to get a nice hot shower on waking up this immediately gives your joints a chance to loosen up and helps your muscles to wake up too.

4.      Block out Drafts

Cold is a well-known exacerbator of arthritic symptoms so if there are drafts or you keep your bedroom window open, change this. Keeping any cold or dampness reaching your body and sore joints will once again help them be ready for the next day more easily.

Joint pain in the morning can be extremely frustrating when all you want to do is get on with your day but it can be handled and treated.