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As the colder months draw in, many people living with arthritis will see an increase in their pain and symptoms. Cold and wet weather can exacerbate the condition so it seemed like a good time to put together a simple yet help guide to the most common and useful arthritis pain relief advice. Many of these points many be things you’ve heard before. However, it is always worth looking over all your pain relief options when flare ups are more likely.


There are foods which can help with arthritis symptoms. However, following a good diet generally will help with the management of symptoms. Good volume of Calcium, Vitamin C and Omega-3 should be high on the priority list for anyone with arthritis.


The level of exercise you carry out should be something discussed with your doctor. The stiffness and pain that comes with arthritis can make exercise hard. However, it is hugely beneficial in keeping the joints mobile and the right exercises can be as useful as medication in relieving pain.

Healthy Weight

The pressure that excess weight puts on your joints can exacerbate pain and inflammation. Maintaining a healthy weight helps to ensure you can stay mobile and not deal with any unnecessary additional pain.

Keep Moving

Hunching over a desk, lying in bed or sitting in a chair all day may feel like the best way to ‘rest’ your joints. However, you are likely to be doing them more damage. It is important to remain as mobile as possible to avoid joints seizing up or becoming stiffer.

Alternative Therapies

Some people living with arthritis recommend alternative therapies. Acupuncture has become quite popular as arthritis pain relief advice as it has been found to help some sufferers. Regular deep tissue massage can also help to minimise some joint pain.

Considering these points alongside your full treatment plan and medications may help the colder months go more quickly.