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The latest report from Public Health England warns that people living with chronic conditions such as arthritis may have even longer to live with the condition. Life expectancy is rising but this longer life comes with many chronic health problems.
The Health Profile for England Report compiles a wide range of population health data. It gives an overall snapshot of long-term wellbeing of the population of England. People are living longer than ever before, with life expectancy now at 79.5 for men and 83.1 for women. However, healthy life expectancy is dropping quickly. The figures show boys born between 2013 and 2015 have an average healthy life expectancy of just 63.4 years, meaning the time after this will be in significant poor health. Excess weight and high blood sugar are the leading risk factors for poor health. Back pain and neck pain were cited as the biggest causes of poor health.
Managing a Longer Life with Arthritis
Living with a condition like arthritis is something you have to learn to cope with. Managing the condition over a longer period of time requires a particular approach to daily tasks. It also requires the ability to accept the need for change. Here are just some tips to keep in mind for managing a longer life with arthritis:
• Get organised: organising your day as much as possible with appropriate opportunities to rest and unwind. If you struggle in the morning see if flexitime is possible at work or something similar.
• Rest: it seems simple but making time to rest and conserve energy so your body can recover from any strenuous activity is essential.
• Use mobility aids: it can be hard to accept you need a stick or a scooter but it can make life so much easier.
• Accept limits: no one wants to say no to the chance to go out or enjoy good company or even commit to a work event. However, for the sake of your health sometimes it’s important to say no.
People are living longer and longer. We should do all we can to ensure our lives are as healthy and comfortable as possible.