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If you are concerned about developing rheumatoid arthritis, it is worth keeping some of these early signs and signals in mind. Experiencing any of these arthritis signs and symptoms isn’t necessarily indication that you have the condition. However, you may want to discuss the pains you’re experiencing with a medical professional.

Here is a look at some of the early arthritis signs and symptoms you may want to keep check on.


Fatigue is associated with many conditions but if you are experiencing a weakness and tiredness which makes ordinary daily life difficult, it could be worth speaking to your doctor.


Numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers which happens regularly or even only on and off should be investigated.


If you experience low grade fevers which you cannot explain, they could be linked to inflammation and therefore arthritic conditions.

Weight Loss

If you experience weight loss you can’t explain it could be connected to weakness and fatigue. This again can be indicative of a rheumatic condition.

Hand Concerns

If you find you have joint tenderness when moving your hand or when applying pressure then it could be worth booking an appointment. If you see unexpected or explainable redness or inflammation to the whole hand seek medical attention. Similarly if you are unable to bend your wrist backwards and it too is swollen or painful, contact your doctor for further examination.

Foot Concerns

If you experience joint tenderness to the base of the toes or find yourself naturally walking on your heels because of pain then you may want to discuss arthritis with your GP. Swelling or redness to the top of the foot is also a concern.

All of these arthritis signs and symptoms need further discussion and exploration with your doctor. You may or may not end up on the path to formal diagnosis. Either way living with any level of pain or discomfort is not OK. You should contact your doctor ASAP to begin finding treatment for your pain.