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Finding appropriate arthritis treatment in London is not a difficult process. Professional rheumatologists provide arthritis treatment in London for people with many different types of arthritic and rheumatic condition. The treatments you need for your circumstances will differ from other patients so it is important you see a professional consultant rheumatologist for treatment.

Your GP will refer you to a professional rheumatologist for arthritis treatment in London. You will then be able to attend your initial appointment with your new doctor and they will advise on a range of arthritis treatment options.

Options for Treating your Arthritis

You may have been through some of the options for treating your condition with your doctor but when you speak to your specialist there will be more options made available to you. There are a range of options from standard drug treatments to more experimental and newly researched drug therapies available thanks to getting treatment from a specialist.

In addition to drug treatments you may find your rheumatologist refers you for physical therapies. This will mean visiting further professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and attending dedicated session to help work on your physical therapies. Some arthritis patients respond very well to therapies such as hydrotherapy too so this is something your doctor may discuss with you.

In rarer cases, you may find your arthritis needs treating with surgery and this is something your rheumatologist can arrange. Alleviating the symptoms can require surgery in the form of joint replacement or a less invasive keyhole surgery in some situations. As always it will be an individual matter and your doctor will discuss your requirements before making any decisions. In most cases there is more than one option and surgery is never a first resort.

To discuss your arthritis treatment in London with Dr Stephanie Barrett you can make contact directly.