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The services of a private consultant rheumatologist are usually offered after diagnosis of a rheumatic condition. However, this isn’t always the case and rheumatologists specialise in the detection of rheumatic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, as well as managing and treating the conditions.

Understanding Rheumatic Conditions

Your private consultant rheumatologist will work with you to find an appropriate treatment for your condition. This is the case whether you have a diagnosis or not. Before treatment, they will help you get a proper diagnosis to ensure access to an appropriate treatment plan.

Rheumatic conditions are autoimmune, inflammatory diseases which result in the immune system attacking the body’s joints, muscles, organs and bones. In most instances conditions lead to moderate to severe pain. For some they lead to some level of immobility and even disability. The body attacks its own healthy cells which can be hard to treat without the help of a private consultant rheumatologist.

Your Private Consultant Rheumatologist

As a highly-experienced consultant rheumatologist, Dr Stephanie Barrett is a qualified and knowledgeable choice when looking for a private rheumatologist. Having worked with many patients over many years, Dr Barrett works to ensure fully tailored treatment. All patients receive individual assessment and monitoring to ensure effective treatment and improvement in their condition. Dr Barrett is someone you may be referred to, to help treat a range of rheumatic conditions. Her clinics are designed to ensure you get a tailored level of therapeutic guidance and support for managing your individual condition.

Dependent on your condition you may be referred to other specialists for specific therapies. It may also be recommended you start a course of treatment with a different professional. Every treatment is only prescribed on the individual’s experience and therefore you may find several options open to you. For some people with rheumatic conditions it is necessary to try different treatments, before finding the right balance.